Musik zur Sterbestunde Jesu - Irene Carpentier & La Chapelle Sauvage

Als Höhepunkt der Andacht folgte das "Stabat Mater" [...] des Kammermusik-Komponisten Luigi Boccherini [...]. Zu hören war dabei die Sopranistin Irene Carpentier [...]. Ihrem brillanten Vokaleinsatz arbeitete La Chapelle Sauvage - die wilde Kapelle - hervorragend zu mit ihren jungen, professionellen Musikern[...]. Sängerin wie Instrumentalisten verstanden es, durch ihre Leidenschaft für die Musik und ihr außerordentliches Können, die innige Marienklage angesichts ihres sterbenden Sohnes zu einem tiefgreifenden Erlebnis für die Zuhörer zu gestalten.
Siegener Zeitung - 18.04.2017

Grietje de heks - het woud

Composer Filip Martens is indeed continuously exploring the sometimes thin line between opera and musical. It cannot be surprising that our preference rather goes to the melodies and vocal parts in which we could make out a hint of Sondheim, than to the opera parts. Irene Carpentier (Gretel), Ineke De Vylder (Witch) and Joris Derder (Hansel) sang their score excellently, without losing sight of their character.

(Original in Dutch) mscl vlaanderen - 13.01.2014


Missa Solemnis - 100% Waignein

I have already heard several performances of this Mass through Europe. However (I am really sincere!!!!), Your performance is the one I prefer. In Tielt, it was simply perfect. The quality (beauty) of the voice, the accuracy in the whole tessitura, which is nonetheless pretty demanding, the musicality in the interpretation of all Your interventions, were exemplary. The Ave Mara was sung with all the emotion I had hoped for.
For a composer, to be sung by You, is a real reward.

Exerpt from a personal letter (original in French) of the composer André Waignein - 13.11.2013


Jonge solisten voor de toekomst - Lyrica
Irene Carpentier is the fifth soprano in sequence. With her wide vocal range, which she masters with ease, she immediately captured the audience in the aria of the doll from "Hoffmann's Tales" by Offenbach.

(Original in Dutch) H.V. voor Operagazet - 28.02.2012


Ashes - Les Ballets C de la B o.l.v. Koen Augustijnen
With this spectacle that is exploring the fleeting and the intangible, Koen Augustijnen directs about eight dancers and acrobats, accompanied by Italian opera music of Georg Friedrich Händel, Giulio Cesare (1724) and Alcina (1735), arias and duets, sung on stage in front of a little baroque ensemble, by Irene Carpentier (marvelous soprano)  and Steve Dugardin (alto).

(Original in French) Philippe Oualid pour - 04.07.2009


...the singing by soprano Irene Carpentier and male alto Steve Dugardin is so inspiring that you forget to watch the dance happening around them.

Telegraph - 09.06.2009


Just as earlier, the musicians and singers are fully incorporated in the performance. The soprano Irene Carpentier puts in a fine display, both vocally and physically. Everyone involved, all the way from dancers down to lightning crew, are impressive. And very much so.

(Original in Swedish) Dagens Nyheter - 23.03.2009


Kamermuziekrecital duo Auralia - In de Wouwdfluit
Irene Carpentier has a beautiful lyric soprano voice, that impressed the audience a lot. She will score high in the future, when her voice is fully matured.

(Original in Dutch) Website In De Wouwdfluit - 2008

Irene Carpentier Soprano Production Kaisar von Atlantis Ullmann Flanders Operastudio

Kaisar von Atlantis                                        Photography: Emilie Lauwers